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DENTAL   IMPLANTSDental Implants offer a durable, natural-looking and functioning alternative to traditional dentures and bridges. They not only help you live life normally, they help preserve your facial structure and have a healthier smile. GINGIVAL ESTHETICS Your gums help support your teeth and "frame" your smile. Gums that are unhealthy, recessed, or overgrown, effect how you look and feel about yourself. Dr. Cook can help you put your best smile forward with the latest gingival esthetic treatments. ADVANCED THERAPY Research continues to confirm just how dangerous periodontal disease can be. Fortunately modern dentistry provides effective treatments to address periodontal disease in advances stages as well as early. We invest in the technology that helps you stay healthier, longer. SEDATION DENTISTRY You need never fear visiting the dentist again. Dr. Cook takes the time to make sure you are always comfortable and even offers safe sedation options that can help even the most anxious patient relax and enjoy their visit. Ask about sedation dentistry when you schedule your next visit.