Piezosurgery is a relatively new but proven technique and uses ultrasonic vibration to cut bone without damaging soft tissue. Piezosurgery devices are used for bone surgery in a variety of medical and dental surgical specialties today.

The biggest advantage of piezosurgery is that it can precisely cut hard tissue without having a significant risk of damaging surrounding soft tissue including vessels, nerves, and sinus membranes. The vitality and integrity of these important adjacent tissues are maintained during the process of cutting because minimal heat is generated during the procedure.

Healing time is also accelerated when piezosurgery device is used. Not only will it make the treating area heal faster than with traditional surgery, but it will make you experience minimal post-operative pain and discomfort. Therefore it provides substantial improvement in dental implant surgery by minimizing surgical trauma and promoting rapid healing as well.

If you have a fear of trauma associated with drills and burs, piezosurgery may be a good option to reduce this fear. It is less invasive, producing less collateral tissue damage, which results in less bleeding, swelling, and ultimatly better healing and clinical outcome.

For the surgeon, piezosurgery requires much less hand pressure and offers more control. Dr. Cook has more precision for the cutting action because of microvibration of cutting tip. The cut is also safe because the frequency of the ultrasonic vibrations does not cut soft tissue.

Dr. Cook utilizes piezosurgery techniques to optimize surgical results even in the most complex anatomical cases. The ease of controlling the instrument during the procedure combined with minimal bleeding, the precision, and excellent tissue healing make your dental surgery more effective and comfortable in our office.