Dental Implants

Tooth loss can result from periodontal disease, caries, and/or trauma. Dental implants are among the most predictable and long lasting methods to replace missing teeth. They are designed to replace the tooth roots by providing the foundation and serving as anchors for replacement teeth. They are strong and durable titanium posts. Teeth that are restored with dental implants appear and feel natural. Many of our patients have rediscovered the comfort and confidence in eating, speaking, laughing, and enjoying life with the help of dental implants.

The placement of dental implants for missing teeth involves a two-stage process. The first stage is the surgical implantation of a small titanium screw post. Dr. Cook will gently insert the post into the jawbone to serve as an anchor for replacement teeth and close the area. Healing time varies from person to person and it is based on several factors that include the hardness of bone and ranges from 2 – 6 months, depending on the individual patient’s healing rate. For some patients, they can be restored immediately after the placement, but most often after about 8-12 weeks.

The second stage is the implant abutment placement and restoration. The abutment serves to connect the implant to the restoration. It precisely fits both the implant and the final restoration. This step is done either at our office or your referring dentists office. The abutment is placed via a screw and tightened into the implant. Impressions capture the dental implant location allowing the fabrication for the final restoration.

Once the implant is firmly integrated in the jawbone, then the permanent artificial tooth replacement is attached to the implant. Most of our patients feel little, if any, discomfort during the entire procedure.

Dr. Cook also offers the teeth-in-an-hour™ dental implant solution. This is a concept where you can go from having a mouth full of broken down or missing teeth to a beautifully restored smile in just one treatment visit, sometimes in a little over than an hour. We offer this treatment with our Nobel Biocare and Biohorizon dental implants. This procedure requires close collaboration between your dentist and Dr. Cook. The final prosthesis and precise surgical guide is fabricated prior to implant placement using impressions of your mouth and Cone Beam CT scans and imaging software. The extensive planning and communication ultimately result in precise implant placement and final prosthesis fit.

If you are like many others and feel that dental implants are a possible option for you, Dr. Cook will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to evaluate bone density and quantity and determine if there is sufficient bone structure for placing dental implants and where they should be placed exactly. If insufficient bone is present, bone grafts are available to provide the needed foundation to give the optimal result. When implants are properly planned and placed by an experienced surgeon, long-term success rates are in the 93-97% range. During the consultation visits with Dr. Cook, he will address your specific needs and considerations as well as answer all your questions on this procedure to make you feel comfortable on the entire process.

Dr. Cook is a board certified specialist in periodontics and dental implantology and has been successfully placing implants for many years. He will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have on the dental implants placement procedure.